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Welcome to Wishescompanion.com This website was launched on 02 October 2020. We are here to provide you best collection of different types of wishes, Messages, and images . Wishescompanion has gained massive popularity in a short span of time because it provides quality images.

Imagine a scene where you wake up in the morning with a cute Good Morning wish from your loved one? How would you feel? Yes, we sense the light adorable smile on your face! It’s truly a special feeling to know that you’re on someone’s mind early in the morning. Some of you might agree with this. At the same time, many would wonder why keep pinging people like those ‘old annoying uncles’ sipping tea in the morning and forwarding messages to all the groups all at once right? We understand your point. Waking up to your WhatsApp with copy-pasted wishes every day is quite monotonous. But does that mean wishes don’t matter? No, not at all. We’ll tell you why!

It’s a way of Appreciation- Sending wishes is a way of appreciation. People who lack appreciation often end up developing strangeness and awkwardness. Therefore, making little things count is a great way to keep your relationships alive.

Start your day with a positive note- You never know what mood a person is living in. Maybe they’re having a tough day at work or dealing with a personal issue. In such times, receiving a simple, sweet text from you can lighten up their hearts and spirits. On the other hand, it can start your day with a smile as well.

Displays your etiquettes- Mannerism, and etiquettes are underrated skills that still exist in society today. So, even if you don’t have feelings for someone, it’s always a good idea to maintain good relations by showcasing mannerisms and etiquette. How can you do this in a virtual world? Of, course by sending in some relevant and genuine visuals and texts.

It’s a wonderful feeling- Waking up to a text from your lover makes you feel special. Wishes help in acknowledging that you have people who genuinely care for you. It suggests that you have something extra that many people don’t have in their lives.

Daily wishes are great to keep in touch with your loved ones online. They are a sweet way of telling people that you think of them even while staying a thousand miles away. Just like the gravitational force keeps us grounded to the earth, sweet and caring visuals and texts revive our faith in love and care.

Apart from these warm text wishes that people use to add pretty smiles on sad faces, there’s another way to turn these smiles into outbursts of laughter. We challenge you to guess this one. Okay, we’ll give you a hint: It’s similar to the memes you read on Instagram. Guessed it? Yes, right! A Joke is an answer. Jokes are a great way to uplift depressed environments. Knowing that your distant best friend isn’t doing well is the worst feeling ever. You can play the role of a good friend by WhatsApping some giggles and funny jokes. How does this help?

Jokes are good for the heart’s health- Yes, sending jokes is a great way to make someone else’s heart health happy. Those little words of laughter can fade away the blues and calm down your stress levels. Surprisingly, laughter releases feel-good brain chemicals and encourages your connections to diffuse anxiety and grouchiness.

Levels your social playing field- Are you a socially introverted person who can’t start a conversation at the table? If yes, then knowing jokes can be a good head start. The plus point is no one hates good jokes. Also, what’s more, comfortable than sharing a joke at the comfort of your fingertips?

Last but not least, this is for all of you out there who miss the good old Shayari days in the modern era of EDM. Shayaris are motivational. These small phrases have a meaning attached to them: funny, sorrow, heartbreak. People say gone are the days when everybody used to favor Shayaris over everything. Nowhere can those little groups of people be found who gathered to listen to a Shayari. Somewhere it’s true, that it’s hard to find these long-lost groups but wait! What about their Shayari spirit? Luckily, it’s still present among us. Curious enough to know how? Yes? Kudos!

We here at wishescompanion.com are on a mission to put smiles on people’s faces through our uniquely crafted texts and visuals. Our website has bundles such as birthdays, daily wish texts, Shayaris, quotes, jokes, and routine status to address every special moment of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our website and pig your dear ones with a daily wish!