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Happy Basava Jayanthi Wishes, Messages and Images

Wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Images for Basava Jayanthi 2022: – In the Indian state of Karnataka, Basava Jayanthi is celebrated as a public holiday. Tradition dictates that the Lingayats observe the day. It commemorates the birth of Basavanna, a poet and philosopher from the 12th century who was also the founder of the Lingayat religion. The day is widely observed and commemorated across south India, particularly in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh.

Basava Jayanthi Wishes, and Messages

  • Never lose heart while pursuing the path of trust. Live a principled life – Lord Basavanna.
  • Don’t treat me like a stranger. Regard me as Thy man alone. Consider me as none but Thy son. O Lord, Kudala Sangama – Lord Basavanna.
  • Basava Jayanthi

  • Live morally. Do not aspire for other’s wealth, women, and god – Lord Basavanna.
  • Basava Jayanthi

  • In a brahmin house where they feed the fire as a god when the fire goes wild and burns the house, they splash on it the water of the gutter and the dust of the street, beat their breasts, and call the crowd. These men then forget their worship and scold their fire, O Lord of the meeting rivers! – Lord Basavanna.
  • Basava Jayanthi

  • My actions go one way, another way my speech! Look, Lord, there is no trace of purity in me! Where action fitting to the word is found, there, truly, Lord Kudala Sangama dwells – Lord Basavanna.
  • Earn wealth through honest and truthful work – Lord Basavanna.
  • Basava Jayanthi

  • Everyone is equal despite the caste, the color, and the economic status.” – Lord Basanavva.
  • May Lord Basavanna’s wisdom fill your ears with knowledge and compassion. Happy Basava Jayanthi
  • Basava Jayanthi

  • Earn wealth through honest and truthful work.” Wishing everyone a happy Basava Jayanthi.

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