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National Handloom Day Wishes, Messages and Motivational Quotes

Every year on August 7th, India observes National Handloom Day. It is observed to raise awareness of the economic importance of the textile industry. It began as a project to identify and employ handloom weavers and artisans. In order to raise awareness about the sector and its societal value, the Union Government designated August 7th as National Handloom Day in 2015. To commemorate the day, various functions and events are held across the country. Workshops are held to educate weavers and their families on available job opportunities. Handloom fairs, exhibitions, parades, and panels are among the various events. The celebrations on this day bring widespread attention to handloom products.

Here Are Some National Handloom Day Wishes, Messages, and Motivational Quotes That You Can Share With Your Family & Friends and Social Media Profile.

National Handloom Day Wishes

  • On this special occasion of National Handloom Day, let us be united and spread the handloom society all over the country.
  • Wish you all a Happy National Handloom Day. Simplify the dress code by wearing handwoven handlooms.
  • Wishing all small weavers a happy National Handloom Day filled with special appreciation.
  • Happy National Handloom Day to the supporters of the Handloom society. Because of their supporters, they can grow in today’s competitive world.
  • The Handloom society needs to be spread all over the country and in every corner. This will only lead to the success of the celebration of National Handloom Day.
  • Happy National Handloom Day to the people who are still unaware of the Handloom society. Try to know about them. They also support the economy of the country.
  • Warm wish your friends, mates, and their family members Happy National Handloom Day. Try out modern methods like building a website for them to sell their items. It is a great help for them.
  • Let’s commemorate August 7th as National Handloom Day in appreciating our weaving labors. Happy National Handloom Day
  • National Handloom Day Messages

  • The National Handloom Day needed recognization because of the weavers, so the first National Handloom Day was marked on the 7th of August in 2015.
  • The Handloom society needs to be spread all over the country and in every corner. This will only lead to the success of the celebration of National Handloom Day.
  • The National Handloom Day has a long way to pave smoothly and follow it. Let us try all together to build the path and support the handloom weavers.
  • They create the national pillars through their hard work and dedication. They weave, and this is all because they want to work for the country.
  • The knowledge regarding the day should be part of your learning. Warm wishes yourself first Happy National Handloom Day, so that then only you can wish the people of the country a great smile.
  • Handloom Day Status for your social media profile

  • Support the traditional woven products instead of modern methods. Happy National Handloom Day!
  • Handloom is the vintage legacy of this country. We must preserve it!
  • On this National Handloom Day, support the village weavers to bring a smile to their faces.
  • Sleep well, eat well, and wear well. Wishing you a happy National Handloom Day.
  • Handloom always feels warm and gentle on the skin. Happy National Handloom Day!
  • Handloom Day Instagram Captions

  • Weaving is an art of creativity. Happy National Handloom Day! #ethnicwear #indianwear #handwoven
  • Wishing you all the grandest National Handloom Day. Support the ethnicity. #handloomday #nationalhandloomday2022 #tradition
  • Happy National Handloom Day to the great inventors of the nation. Happy National Handloom Day. #handloomlove #sareepact #weavesofindia
  • Celebrating the uniqueness and heritage of National Handloom Day! #nationalhandloomday #handmade #weavesofindia
  • Let us celebrate the unique National Handloom Day to make people aware of handloom. #ethnicwear #indianwear #handwoven
  • Supporting the workers on this National Handloom Day to grow in this machinery world. #handloomlove #indianweaves #handloom
  • Celebrating the rich heritage of our country – Handloom. Happy National Handloom Day. #ethnicwear #indianwear #handwoven
  • Praise India’s rich culture and appreciate the small artwork of weavers. #handloomlove #indianweaves #handloom
  • The uniqueness of handloom products is worth celebrating. Wishing you all a Happy National Handloom Day. #handcrafted #sustainablefashion #sareenotsorry
  • Handloom (Khadi) Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi

  • “The wearer of Khadi from a Swadeshi standpoint is like a man making use of his lungs. A natural and obligatory act has got to be performed, whether others do it out of impure motives or refrain altogether because they do not believe in its necessity or utility.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • “Economics that hurt the moral well-being of an individual or a nation are immoral and therefore sinful. Thus the economics that permits one country to prey upon another are immoral. It is sinful to buy and use articles made by sweated labor. It is sinful to eat American wheat and let my neighbor the grain dealer starve for want of custom.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • “The handloom weaving is in a dying condition. Everyone admits that whatever may be the future of the mill industry, the handlooms ought not to be allowed to perish”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • “I believe that where there is pure and active love for the poor there is God also. I see God in every thread that I draw on the spinning wheel.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • “I do regard spinning and weaving as a necessary part of any national system of education.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • “It is not enough to say that hand-spinning is one of the industries to be revived. It is necessary to insist that it is the central industry that must engage our attention if we are to re-establish the village home.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • Handloom Quotes

  • “A good life is like weaving. Energy is created in the tension. The struggle, the pull and tug are everything. ” ― Joan Erikson
  • “You see when weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out. ” ― Martha Graham
  • “Our weavings in the cosmic web are not self-contained. Rather, they are part of the design of our collective humanity. ” ― Lisa Hunt
  • “A good life is like weaving. Energy is created in the tension. The struggle, the pull and tug are everything.” ― Joan Erikson

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