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20+ World Laughter Day Wishes and images

World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in May each year. The first World Laughter Day was held on May 10, 1998, in Mumbai, India, and was organized by Dr. Madan Kataria, the originator of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement.

  • If you want to stay healthy and happy then all you need is a carefree laugh…. Best wishes on World Laughter Day.
  • Your smile makes my day! Keep smiling and make others happy! World Laughter Day.
  • Make it a wonderful World Laughter Day by making everyone around you laugh and have a joyous life.
  • Laughter is cute and precious. Don’t reserve it but share it. Happy laughter day.
  • The best therapy for a happy and healthy life is to laugh. So laugh every day and laugh on World Laughter Day.
  • Laughter is cute and precious. Don’t reserve it but share it. Happy laughter day.
  • Wishing a very Happy World Laughter Day full of healthy laughs and hilarious jokes to make it a good day.
  • Your laughter echoes the happiness of your heart. Spread that happiness with everyone. World laughter day.
  • The best thing about laugh is it doesn’t give you wrinkles but adds a glow to your face…. Happy World Laughter Day.
  • Laugh it loud today. Make it loud, make it large every day, every hour, laugh more, and live more. World Laughter Day.
  • World Laughter Day is a reminder that we must never miss a chance to laugh to add more years to our lives.
  • World Laughter Day. Every day should be a Laughter Day because we enjoy laughing. Stay happy and keep smiling!
  • The most precious gift you can give anyone is a happy laugh…. Best wishes on World Laughter Day to you.
  • Tickles are the best way to make even the toughest souls laugh. Happy World Laughter Day.
  • I thank comedians for shinning my life with their infectious smiles on world laughter day.
  • The most wasted days of life are the ones that are without laughs, make the most of your life by laughing. Warm wishes on Happy World Laughter Day.

20+ World Laughter Day images

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