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Canberra Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Canberra Day is a public holiday in Australia that commemorates the anniversary of Canberra’s official name. It is commemorated on the second Monday in March. With Canberra Day quotes and greetings, you may send your best wishes to your loved ones on this special day. On this historic day, share the inspiring Canberra Day status and wishes with everyone around you.

We’ve put together a one-of-a-kind collection of Canberra Day greetings and festival quotes for friends and family. Wish your loved ones on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram with these great Canberra Day quotes and statuses.

Canberra Day Wishes

  • Happy Canberra Day! I wish you pleasure and prosperity on this Canberra Day.
  • Let us strive to be people who our homeland can be proud of, just as we are proud of Canberra. Have a wonderful Canberra Day!
  • Hey come out to enjoy this excellent day, for its the celebration of our Canberra day
  • Let us celebrate and dance all day and night on this beautiful Canberra Day.
  • Stop sitting ducks at home and enjoy this beautiful Canberra morning and celebrate this Canberra day with us
  • Happy Canberra Day

  • The occasion of Canberra Day calls for a celebration with our loved ones to make this day a memorable one. Warm greetings on Canberra Day to all.
  • Happy Canberra Day. I hope you have an enjoyable day with your loved ones.
  • The place we call the capital of our country, but here lies our heart and soul, hence wishing all a merry Canberra day
  • Warm wishes on Canberra Day to everyone. This day reminds us that we have all the reasons to be proud of our homeland.
  • Happy Canberra Day

  • Let us all go out and enjoy Canberra’s splendid day. Have a good holiday!
  • Let’s have a blast today and enjoy this wonderful Canberra day and spread happiness and joy all over our fellow Canberrans
  • Canberra is more than simply a city; it is our home. Happy Canberra Day.
  • Let us enjoy this lovely holiday with pride in our hearts for Canberra!
  • Canberra Day Messages

  • Let us celebrate the occasion of Canberra Day by taking time out to talk about its significance and take pride in it. Wishing a very Happy Canberra Day to everyone.
  • Wishing all the canberrians who feel that this day is a special one since its the day our capital was named, and we became the proud canberrians, a happy Canberra day
  • Happy Canberra Day

  • On this Canberra Day, remember and talk about the significance of Canberra and spread pride among your fellow citizens! Happy Canberra Day to you all!
  • The place we call the capital of our country, but here lies our heart and soul, hence wishing all a merry Canberra day
  • It’s the second Monday of March once again; It’s the wonderful Canberra Day. I wish you a pleasant holiday with your family and friends.
  • Happy Canberra Day

  • Have a nice day to all as you go out and celebrate this day, for its the day we officially became the canberrians, hence a happy Canberra day
  • I wouldn’t want our capital to be known as anything else than Canberra. Let us all join in celebrating its naming. Everyone, have a happy Canberra Day.
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    Canberra Day Quotes

  • “While Melbourne and Sydney fight about who wears Australia’s cultural crown, Canberra just gets on with it.” – Judy Horacek
  • Happy Canberra Day

  • “When you’re asked/told to come to Canberra by your Prime Minister, in the country I grow up in, you obey that.”– Andrew Forrest
  • “I love just being in Canberra and being with my family, being with my friends.” – Nick Kyrgios
  • “A school out of Canberra sends me a term’s worth of work. I sit on the couch by myself and complete it and send it back.” –Callan McAullife

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