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Excellent Kitty Party Invitation Messages and Wordings Ideas

Nowadays Kitty parties are very popular in India. it’s a kind o small party organized by women. For women, a kitty party can be a time to relax. They get together and talk about their problems, happiness, and gossip. Women enjoy a kitty party, which leads them to leave the house from their hectic lives. it is usually celebrated on a monthly basis. The kitty party is a cyclical savings group in which the participant women contribute a certain amount to the kitty (or pool) at each gathering. Each player is required to host the kitty once per round, and the host receives the money that has been gathered.

if you plan to host a Kitty party, you should first create some Kitty party invites. We are including some wonderful and Excellent Kitty Party Invitation Messages and Wordings Ideas right here on this post. Scroll down the page and go through our selection of kitty party invitation messages.

Excellent Kitty Party Invitation Messages

  • I would like to invite you on Sunday evening to my house. I am arranging a small kitty party. Please come and enjoy the party with us.
  • Hello ladies, I am cordially inviting you to my house as a host for this month’s kitty party. Please come and enjoy with us.
  • I am very excited to inform you that I am the host of this time’s kitty party. I will be pleased if you join the party. Let’s have fun together.
  • All my close friends, I am very excited to announce that I am organizing a tea Kitty party for all of you. You all are requested to come at sharp 5 pm. We will have tea, snacks, gossip, and play games. So please come to my kitty party.
  • Dear friends, please come to my Kitty Party on Saturday evening at 4 pm, let’s celebrate a small get-together in the company of each other. There will be a singing and dancing competition, so please be prepared to take part in it. Hope to have a memorable evening with all of you.
  • Kitty Party Invitation

  • Dear sister, you are cordially invited to my Kitty Party, which I am organizing at my residence today evening. You will meet all my friends and share gossip with them I promise you will have lots of fun as there will be food, drinks, and many interesting games to play, so please grace this occasion with your presence.
  • I have organized a kitty party at my house this Saturday. Your presence will be appreciated. I have arranged some interesting games. It will be entertaining.
  • Kitty Party is a time for celebration with your friends, I am organizing a small kitty party, you are cordially invited. Please come and grace the occasion with your presence. I promise you will have a great time.
  • Dear friends, I am having a big Kitty Party at my residence on Saturday evening at 4:30 pm. You are cordially invited to my party, we will have lots of fun. There will be tea, followed by dinner and drinks. Hope to meet you at my kitty party.
  • My dear cousin, I am organizing a tea Kitty Party at my place on Sunday evening. I invite you to come to my party and have lots of fun. We will share gossip, games, and good food. I hope you will have an enjoyable experience. I look forward to your presence.
  • Kitty Party Invitation

  • Catch Up With Your Old Friends In My Kitty, I Held A Party At My Home Tonight, Where All Our Friends Were Coming, Be Sure You Also Be There To Attend A Beautiful Evening
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    Funny Invitation Wordings for Kitty Party

  • Since you all are so tired of hosting a kitty party, I thought of showing some generosity. So, don’t be late.
  • Hey, I have arranged a kitty party. Please try to come on time once in this lifetime. Or else you will miss all the fun.
  • Our cat represents a stage for displaying talent. I extend the same welcome to all of you young ladies. Don’t be late, or you’ll miss out on some big fun.
  • Recently, I heard you had collected some salty gossip. So I have organized a kitty party to listen to those. Jokes aside, Let’s have a great evening together.
  • Plates have been set on the table, drinks have been prepared, and music has been turned on in anticipation of all the lovely ladies. Welcome to the kitty party.
  • Kitty Party Online Invitation Messages

  • Your presence will bring a lot of joy to my kitty. Please attend my party. We’ll have a great time together.
  • I’m throwing a kitty party this weekend. Please arrive on time and avoid being late. It will be fun because all of our friends will be there.
  • Drink, eat, dance and whatever you want to do because this time the kitty party is happening in my house. Let’s have a great time all together.
  • Keep the day in your mind; it’s next Sunday. All of our acquaintances are coming to my house for the kitty party. Let’s remember our memories and have a fun gossip time together.

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