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National I Forgot Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

I Forgot Day is celebrated on July 2nd. This is the unofficial holiday you should be commemorating if you are a forgetful person who constantly forgets anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, or even brings milk from the store on your way home.

A wonderful collection of recent I Forgot Day Wishes, Messages, and Forgot quotes is provided below to assist you in writing the ideal message. It’s a form of recognition of your mistake, as well as an apology.

National I Forgot Day Wishes

  • Forget your past, forgive yourself and begin again.
  • To your amazing habit of forgetting anything and everything, sending you warm wishes on I Forgot Day.
  • Though forgetting things happen in old age you have broken all the rules in life. Happy I Forgot Day.
  • Life is about moving forward. just forget your past in mind the present and work for the future. Happy I Forgot Day.
  • On the special occasion of I Forgot Day, I pray to God to give you more blessings to remember things in life.
  • May I never have to wish you on I Forgot Day…. May you work harder on remembering things than forgetting them.
  • It is normal to forget things until and unless these things are about life and death…. Wishing you a very I Forgot Day
  • National I Forgot Day

    National I Forgot Day Messages

  • Forgetting your birthday was the biggest mistake. You mean the world to me and I can never dream of forgetting you. On I Forgot Day, I again apologize for my mistake and wish you Happy Birthday.
  • Let us celebrate your birthday today on I Forgot Day as I wish you again but this time I will pay all the bills as it was me who forgot to wish you on your special day, my friend.
  • You are always on my mind and my thoughts. I can never forget you but I have committed the sin of forgetting our anniversary. Please forgive me as I apologize on I Forgot Day to you.
  • Dearest pal, I know I did a blunder this year by forgetting your birthday but on I Forgot Day, I want to make for every mistake I did. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday today.
  • You know how bad I am with dates but forgetting your birthday doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. On I Forgot Day I say sorry for missing on your birthday. I’ll make up for you a present.
  • National I Forgot Day

    Forgot Day Funny Messages

  • SMILE ever, UDAAS never, KHUSH ever, GHUM SHUM never, SHARE ever, HIDE never, CARE ever, LEAVE never, LOVE ever, HATE never, THINK ME ever, FORGET ME never.
  • Jo chala gya mujhe chor kr Main kabi na usko bhula sakaWohi dorian wohi faslay Main kabi na enko mita saka
  • Help ever, Hurt never. love ever, hate never. give ever, expect never, smile ever, cry never, Msg me ever, forget me never.
  • Eyes: To look at you; Hands: To pray for you; Mind: To care for u; Heart: To love you and Legs: To kick u if u forget me.
  • HAPPY moments “don’t forget me;” Difficult moments “trust me;” Quiet moments “call me;” Painful moments “tell me;” Free moments “MSG Me.
  • “Near ones r not dear” Dear ones r not near” It is easy to remember the near ones, But…. Very difficult to forget the dear ones….!

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