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Yorkshire Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Yorkshire Day is observed annually on August 1st to promote the historically largest county in the United Kingdom. Yorkshire Day was established in 1975 as a protest movement by the Yorkshire Ridings Society against the 1974 government reorganization. Despite the fact that Yorkshire Day began in the midst of political turmoil, it is now widely celebrated in the hopes of preserving a cultural tradition. Yorkshire celebrates every reason for this holiday, whether it is the military customs or the emancipation anniversary of William Wilberforce.

We have an awesome collection of Yorkshire Day Wishes, Messages, and Quotes.

    Yorkshire Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes

  • The world says that the people of Yorkshire are the nicest and most honest people there are, well they are not wrong. Have a lovely Yorkshire day mate.
  • The Brontë sisters, Sylvia Plath, W.H. Auden, and Ian McMillan are literary gifts to the world. May we all celebrate our county’s contribution to the world on Yorkshire Day.
  • How lucky are we to have a day just for the county of Yorkshire? So why not celebrate with some fish and chips mate. Wish you a great Yorkshire Day.
  • We are known to be the friendliest personalities living in the countryside. May you keep this in mind when you celebrate the lovely occasion of Yorkshire Day.
  • Even if your mimicry skills are bad, just move to North Yorkshire and you will surely be able to mimic a lot of sheep. Wish you a joyous Yorkshire Day.
  • On the event of Yorkshire Day, we should be taught one thing extra about our nation, tradition, and historical past. Wishing everybody the event of Yorkshire Day.
  • As much as we are proud of Yorkshire, let’s hope in the future that Britain would be proud of us too. Until then, wish you a splendid Yorkshire Day.
  • We all loved the housing estate and single mother dramas that used to be telecasted in Yorkshire. I hope we celebrate those simpler times on this occasion of Yorkshire Day.
  • Yorkshire day celebration is not for everybody, especially the soft southern shady drinkers. Wish you and the family a great Yorkshire Day.
  • On the eve of Yorkshire Day, May we all hail the heavenly puddings of Yorkshire and celebrate with all of our fellow Yorkshire people. Happy Yorkshire Day to you

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