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30+ World Hepatitis Day, Messages and Greetings

Every year on July 28, World Hepatitis Day (WHD) is commemorated to raise awareness about viral hepatitis, a liver inflammation that can lead to serious liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma.

  • A person can easily prevent Hepatitis by staying alert and following healthy habits.
  • World Hepatitis Day is an occasion that reminds us to stay aware and informed about the disease of Hepatitis.
  • Each and every step towards saving a life from hepatitis matters. Happy World Hepatitis Day.
  • It is time to take a lesson from all the deaths caused by Hepatitis every year. World liver Day Messages.
  • Let us educate more people about the causes and consequences of Hepatitis on World Hepatitis Day.
  • Vaccinate on World Hepatitis Day and protect yourself from falling into any of those Hepatitis Infections.
  • Don’t neglect your health, it is your duty to go for a check-up on World Hepatitis Day.
  • You will not be able to see the symptoms of Hepatitis regularly, so be careful. World Peace Day.
  • Give your children love and care, not Hepatitis.
  • It’s time to dump her and move on. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that worked for Hepatitis.
  • Think twice before indulging in unsafe sex, you might be actually ruining your life by risking Hepatitis.
  • Stop running away from Hepatitis which is an empty reality of life and great anxiety around the world.
  • One can easily avoid Hepatitis by staying a little bit cautious and following healthy practices.

World Hepatitis Day 2021: Quotes

  • Hepatitis A and B are vaccine-preventable diseases, yet they continue to be the most commonly reported vaccine-preventable diseases. Getting vaccinated, especially if you are at high risk, provides the best protection from these diseases.- J Robert Galvin
  • Hepatitis doesn’t always present symptoms. – Karen Gonzales
  • There is a growing need to make people aware of the severity of the disease in the region. People need to be extra careful, as it is one of the regions where infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) is common.- Dr. RS Verma
  • There has been a treatment for hepatitis C, but the treatment has not been overwhelmingly effective number 1. And number 2, it has had considerable toxicity.- Anthony S
  • I don’t want to be defined by being the founder of the Body Shop, and I don’t want to be defined as a woman suffering from Hepatitis C. There’s more to my life than that.- Anita Roddick
  • Hepatitis C was a devastating disease but because fundamental research was done on hepatitis C, it is now curable. It is now absolutely curable with new medications. So this is transformative.- Laurie Glimcher

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